Alberta government fires board of real estate regulator


Posted October 9, 2019 3:51 pm

TIME'S UP!!!! After almost 7 years of having my "Misfeasance of Power" counter suit against Real Estate Council of Alberta held up in the justice system and draining my mental and financial resources, KARMA is stepping up to the plate! Maybe now my legal case, and my book 'Extortion Games' will be taken more seriously.


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Regulatory Bullies Abuse Power to Stomp Out Small Competition

June 27, 2018

The Commissioner of Competition with the Competition Bureau of Canada has taken the words right out of my mouth and my new book, Extortion Games, when he spoke at a Vancouver Competition Policy Round Table on January 18, 2018*. He claimed, “when it comes to innovation, competition is key…but competition and innovation can be stifled in at least two ways. First, by private anti-competitive behavior, and second, by overly restrictive government regulations…when incumbents abuse their dominant position to prevent an innovative start-up from entering the marketplace…and when companies make fraudulent claims, legitimate innovators suffer…and consumers end up worse off.” He also advocates that “businesses need the room to experiment…and regulations should be formulated to enable that.”

Exactly. Competition can foster a win-win-win approach for large corporation, small business, and consumers together if old school government regulating were not restricting it. It’s time that the monopolizing, hierarchal power struggles against well intentioned small businesses are addressed. There are reasons that, for years, home sellers have been choosing to sell their homes privately giving room for companies like ComFree to flourish. There are also reasons why private residential rental property owners are looking outside of the traditional real estate/property management industry for tenant management. Those reasons are transparency, freedom to choose single services, and better control of their own money.

For 10+ years, I had been providing residential property owners the innovative option to manage their own rent money while contracting me to attract and secure quality tenants and coordinate property services. The demand for this ethical and transparent landlord agent service was growing exponentially until 2013, when the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA) deemed my services a competitive threat to one of its industry members. Rather than act within their mandate of protecting the public interest, this council abused and manipulated their “independent, non-government” position to protect a club member and destroy me through numerous unconstitutional actions. These unwavering restrictions deny the public their freedom of choice to hire an agent that coordinates the distribution of their rent money directly to them without regulatory “holding” and controlling interference.

This imbalance of power leads to bullying on a societal level. There are resources and social conversation advocating against school bullying, racism, sexual harassment, bullying in the workplace, and labour standards and codes for employees, etc. There is little resource or protection for the small business entrepreneur. This makes the legal defense process for small businesses almost impossible, not affordable and in favor of the bottomless pockets of lawyers and the bodies holding the perceived power.

It’s been five years since RECA began holding me hostage without cause and I still have not had my day in a “fair and public hearing by an impartial court”. I have lost well over $250,000 in business income due to 4 years of on-line defamation and already incurred over $30,000 in legal fees. I am deemed unemployable at my age, without a university degree, and having been self-employed for too long. I’m forced to take an active stand outside of the legalized court circus.

I’m roaring like a lion in my newly released book, Extortion Games. This book is supported by every correspondence piece between myself and RECA and their undivulged complainant. It’s not libel or slander, it’s the truth. The truth is supposed to set us free and I am reaching for any kind of support from those who care to stand up against corporate bullying, or bullying of any kind.

Proceeds from book sales will go towards further legal costs, hopefully enabling me to keep my home of 23 years. You can find the ebook and paperback purchasing links for Extortion Games on my website This is an anonymous way to provide support so, PLEASE BUY NOW!

You are also welcomed to visit abrc.caAlberta Bullying Recovery, Resources, Research Centre Inc. for further information on adult/workplace bullying.